Residentialand Nonresidential Fees:
Water Base: $13.50per month per REU
Sewer Base: $30.00per month per REU

Ratesapply to all water and sewer use Water Consumption: $1.60per 1000 gallons
Sewer Use: $3.15per 1000 gallons

ShutOff Fees (Due to Non-payment)
$25.00 (Shut-off)
$25.00 (Turn-on)

ShutOff Fees (At Owner’s Request)

AfterHours Shut-off or Turn On Fee
$ Cost of DPW Employee On-Call + Benefit Cost (paid prior to work started)

We accept Cash, Check, and Money Orders.
For your convenience we also have the ability to do ACH payments. Please complete our
ACH Enrollment Form and return to the office.